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April 2021 Newsletter

Thank You

We Continue to thank you all for your support and co-operation during these unusual times. The safety of our children, families and staff remains especially important to us. Continuing with all the procedures we have in place allows us to maintain a safe environment and helps to keep this virus at bay. We are incredibly pleased to announce that we had a Covid visit from Environmental health and they confirm that we are maintaining a Covid safe Environment for all 😊.

If you have any questions, please send us an email. teaguesbridgepre-school@hotmail.com or telephone 01952 617190

The pre-school has a Facebook page and members only account. We do put updates on these and information so please do send us a friend request 😊 

School Readiness

We would like to make you aware that children being ready for school does not mean that they need to know all their numbers, letters or even write their own name. Pre-school is about teaching children to become confident learners through play and exploration while promoting British values such as manners, being kind, understanding the feelings and responding to the feelings of others and working through their own emotions. It is also about promoting independence. When we look at children being ‘ready’ for school, we are looking at whether they can put on their own coat, get dressed/undressed by themselves (a skill needed for P.E). Whether children can use cutlery confidently and correctly, drink from an open cup without spilling, ask an adult for help, build up relationships and friendships with their peers, enjoy learning as part of a group and as an individual and to be inquisitive and ask questions. These are all especially important early skills that lay the foundations for children to thrive and achieve as unique individuals.

Teddy room.

We have been exploring the story “Norman the Slug”, the children really enjoyed making his shell out of Doughnuts. We have been getting messy making our own slime. The children have really enjoyed having the home corner turned into a bug house and exploring all the different bugs that live here. We have lots of easter activities planned for the last week and know the children are going to have lots of fun doing these.

Monkey room.

We have been having lots of fun exploring mini beasts and enjoyed a “That’s not my ladybird” activity hunting for different textures in the garden. The children have been busy developing their fine motors skills with use of hammer and nails (children’s set), gloop, mark making and using tweezers during activities. We have lots of fun easter activities planned for the last week which we are sure the children are going to really enjoy.


Every child should have a change of clothing that we can leave at the setting in case of an accident or getting wet playing in the water.

Please name yours drinks bottles. Please note we do not allow through the day children to have fruit shoot bottles or baby bottles please.

Children should bring a coat to each session that is named- if providing hats or scarfs please name them.  If bringing in comforters to help settle them, please put their names on them.

Parking Reminder!

Can we please remind you that safety outside on the road is particularly important! We are still receiving reports of cars parking too close in the proximity of the gate, blocking roads and speed along this road. We do understand that there is not much option in the way of parking along here but please ensure you are not blocking traffic or parking too close to the gate, we have put cones out to ensure this area is safe for parents and children to cross. It is extremely important to be mindful of your speed.

Lunch Boxes

We have sent out emails regarding lunch boxes and mention it often on the newsletter. We are still receiving high numbers of chocolate bars and sweets in lunch boxes. These will not be given to the children and will be sent home. In line with our healthy eating policy, we must reiterate to you that no chocolate bars must be sent in, the same to chocolate yoghurts. Please NO nut products or nut spreads on sandwiches, we have children with allergies in the setting. We will be sending home any leftover foods for you to see what your children have eaten and advise you disregard this once you have checked. Lastly as mentioned in the email, please be mindful not to overfill your children’s lunch boxes, a child’s stomach is only the size of their clenched fist and we also provide a morning and afternoon snack. Could we also remind you of the importance of cutting grapes, cherry tomatoes and any other foods that could potentially be a choking hazard. If you are unsure how to cut them correctly, please let us know and we can provide you with this information.

Thank you.


We must remind you of the importance of clean washed clothes, especially during this pandemic. Coronavirus can lie upon clothes for up to 72 hours. We are trying everything as a setting to keep the virus at bay, with cleaning of surfaces, toys, carpets, and everything else you can imagine that needs to be sanitised each day. We would really appreciate your support and playing your part in reducing the risk of the virus at Pre-school.


We kindly thank those who have sent donations into pre-school, these have been gratefully received 😊

Important things to remember.

Lateral Flow tests

You as Parents are now able to have Lateral flow tests at home. These are available to collect from testing centres, such as the one located on Oakengates car park. Here you will be given 2 free packs, each with 7 home testing kits inside. If you are unable to collect, they are also available to be delivered by ordering through the gov.uk website.

It is important to remember that if your child is displaying any coronavirus symptoms, they must go for a full PCR test at a testing centre and isolate until the results are back. So, if your child were to get a new continuous cough or temperature unfortunately even if you were to do a Lateral test at home, we are unable to accept that result and a full test must be taken. This information is backed up by the Department for Education and we must follow the procedures they have in place. Lateral testing is only for if you have no symptoms.



We Understand that there is a lot of coughs and colds going around at present. We appreciate the measures you take e.g. keeping children off if you are unsure, until they feel better. It is a difficult time and with the coronavirus here it is hard to attain what to do for the best. If your children do not have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus and it is just a runny nose, they may attend pre-school and we ask that you keep an eye out should any other symptoms arise, such as a high temperature and a new continuous cough. With this in mind, we ask that you please do not give your children Calpol and send them to pre-school. If a child needs Calpol they are not well enough to attend pre-school, it should not be used for a ‘runny nose’ and may mask any other symptoms such as a high temperature should they arise.

Easter Raffle

A huge thank you to every one that took part in our easter Raffle, we made a whopping £65.00 😊

Well done to Paisley from the Monkey Room who took home the 1st Prize big hamper.

We hope our other winners enjoy their prizes too, Nathan won an egg, Lewis’ family the cakes and easter cup and Parker an easter basket 😊

Also a huge thank you to Sophie’s mum who made the delicious cakes for a prize and all the children and staff to enjoy at snack. We would also like to thank the committee and staff for their kind donations for the prizes.

Face Masks

Please can we ask that if you are not exempt from wearing a mask to please do so. We have noticed it becoming a bit hit and miss on parents wearing masks. We are now through this whole term with no cases at all. We know that measures are starting to ease nationally but now is not the time at Pre-school to become compliant, we still need to minimise the risk and appreciate your co-operation.

Discussions with staff

We are always happy to help and listen to anything you may need to feed back to us, it is an important part of our Ethos – Parent partnership. If there is something you need to discuss in length or privately, please wait until the end when all other children have gone, and a member of staff will happily speak to you. Alternatively, you may email or telephone us and we will also be happy to discuss anything with you. This will be the same for staff, if they have something, they need to feed back that will take time or needs to be done privately, they will either ask you to wait until the end or give you a telephone call.

Thank you.

Free Training and Resources for you.

We have recently attended an online network meeting who have directed us to some useful resources and training courses for parents free of charge. These are split into different modules that last about 15 minutes each. You can access them at any time that suits yourself and go back to where you left off.

These programmes and resources are designed to help parents have more understanding on the reasons we may see challenges in young children, and tools to support, such as not sleeping at night or challenging/aggressive behaviour.

If you are struggling with any challenges at home, please look as it may be able to help and support you. It is FREE and at the end, there is a certificate you can print off.

All you need is the website and then an access code to access this for free, set up your account and then learn at your own leisure.

Website:  www.inourplace.co.uk

Access code: DARWIN18


Thank you so much for those that returned the questionnaires, we put the 9 returned into a draw for a prize. Well done to Kevin’s Mum on winning a bottle of wine 😊

We thank you for all your feedback and we have enjoyed reading through your positive comments. We will take on board your views and the views of the children in any future planning, it is always good to review what the children enjoy most and what they would enjoy more of.

Thank you 😊