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COVID 19 information, staff and child policy.

Covid-19 – Safe Return 

Policy statement

This policy is set out to ensure the safe return of all children into the setting September 2020. The details outlined in this policy have been put in place to ensure all children and staff are welcomed back into a safe and secure environment during the Covid-19 Pandemic. All information has been gathered via publications of Government guidance, in which we read through and update as it is released. All procedures in place are specific to our Pre-school setting and the grounds upon which we provide our service. This policy is set out in two sections, one regarding procedures for children (We ask parents to comply with bullets set out) and one for staff procedures (where you are able to see what is expected from the team during your child’s session/s). We have risk assessments updated within Government Guidelines for all aspects of the running day. These are available upon request. All Information we are following and have put in place has been produced in the form of a hard copy Covid-19 folder. 


  • Drop off and collection – Parents are not permitted on site at any time. This Rule is the schools and we have to follow their procedures. Drop off and collection is at the back gate via Capewell road – Please see attached Arrival and Departure policy where this is outlined in greater detail.
  • Hand Washing – Children will wash their hands on arrival, before and after meal times, after play time/activities and toileting.
  • Lunch Boxes – Children will be able to bring in Lunch boxes, If at all possible we would prefer if these could be the plastic type. This makes them easier to clean before being used and brought into pre-school. These need to be clearly labelled with your child’s name on.
  • Water bottles – Each child need to bring in a water bottle clearly labelled with their name on. These will be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe on entry into pre-school.
  • Weather – Children are expected to be prepared for all kinds of weather, hats and sun cream applied if necessary or suitable clothing and coats for poor weather. Coats will be sent home with children each day. We also ask that children wash and change clothes upon their return home and wear fresh clothes to their next pre-school session. This is to minimise any cross contamination.
  • Bags – We ask that you provide a bag with what your child may need e.g. nappies, wipes or change of clothes. These are to be kept on site and you will be notified if any replenishment’s are needed. In the case of an accident, the bag will we sent home with ay soiled clothing to be replenished.
  • Absences – You must inform us ASAP of any absence, even if it is something like taking the day off to go shopping or you didn’t make it in time for the session. We will have a log of any absence due to the current situation to enable us to monitor it. 
  • Timing – If you arrive late for the session, you may not be able to gain entry due to the strict staggered start times and that we have to release staff members to collect from the gate. Again this is school’s policy that parents are not permitted on site. Alternative arrangements may be made at the Managers discretion, e.g. accessing a later session, this must have been agreed and arranged with management prior to the session starting.
  • Settling in – We will do our upmost to ensure that all children are welcomed into a safe and secure environment, with a passionate and caring staff team. Unfortunately due to parents not allowed on site we are unable to offer any settling in sessions. Where a child is unsettled for long periods, we will contact parents and work together to form a strategy to ensure the child is reassured and help settle within the setting. Whether this be some sort of comforter or photos from home. We will do our best to ensure every child feels safe and happy.
  • A child becoming ill at pre-school – We will treat all sicknesses as a possible Covid-19 case, whether this is sickness and diarrhoea, a high temperature, cough or loss of taste smell. The child will be isolated with a member of staff (in full PPE) away from the other children in the group and parents will be contacted immediately. The child will be reassured and cared for by the member of staff until parents collect. Parents will be advised to contact 111 for further advice. On a negative test, a child may return to pre-school. If the test is positive you must follow the quarantine guidelines and household member must also self- isolate. If you do not wish for your child your to be tested but they are displaying symptoms they are not permitted back into pre-school until after the 10 day period.
  • Track and Trace – If a child is tested positive for Covid-19 we must be informed immediately in order to contain the virus from spreading further and isolate anyone who has been in contact with them. If a child shows symptoms and a parent refuses a test to be carried out, the child must self-isolate for 14 days before returning to Pre-school, as long as no one else within the household begins to display symptoms. If anyone in the household has symptoms of Covid-19 the child must not come into pre-school and self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Holidays – If a child has been on holiday to any of the countries listed within the Governments Quarantine list, they must self-isolate for 14 days upon their return, before returning to pre-school. All holidays need to recorded with the pre-school. 
  • Mixing – We work within two rooms at pre-school. These two rooms will maintain separately and not be mixing with each other during the pre-school day. This is to reduce the amount of children they are all coming into contact with. Staff will also maintain in their allocated rooms with the exception of management covering where needed.


  • Transport – If staff are using public transport to travel to work they must wear a mask on any journey and also NOT wear their work uniform while travelling. This must be brought with you and changed into upon arrival into pre-school.
  • Working day – Staff will maintain in their allocated rooms throughout the day, mixing only with the children allocated within that room. They will be covered for lunch by management.
  • Lunch Breaks – These will be staggered to avoid unnecessary mixing and a rota has been drawn up. Lunches will be fair and covered by management.
  • Lunch Bags – Staff are also encouraged to bring their own lunches is plastic containers where possible.
  • Risk Assessments – Staff are aware of all the procedures in place to ensure a safe, secure and friendly environment is provided for each child, with empathy in the realisation that children will need to be settled and feeling unsure in these difficult times.
  • Hand Washing – Staff will wash their hands upon arrival and before and after any food preparation (Management will take on this responsibility) after play/activities and toileting, nappy changes. Staff will also carry a pocket hand sanitiser for their personal use throughout the day in their aprons.
  • Uniform – Clean uniform to be worn daily and washed daily. Spare clothes to be kept in lockers in case of a Covid-19 situation within the setting. Staff to change out of uniform on their return home, wash and change, with fresh uniform the next day. Remember if using public transport you must not travel in your uniform.
  • Children’s personal care – Staff will continue as normal to provide and assist any personal care for children, help with hand washing, nappy changes and assisting with toileting. Staff will wear gloves and an apron. A mask is not mandatory, however a staff member may wear one if they wish to do so.
  • Cleaning – Staff members will sanitise toys at the end of each day and any equipment that is able to will be run through the dishwasher at the end of the day. Toilets will be sanitised after each use, this is both adult and children’s toilet areas. Outside play areas will be sprayed with a detergent at the end of each day. The staff have in place a robust cleaning system they will adhere to. This is all laid out in the risk assessments.
  • Holidays – If a Staff member has been on holiday to any of the countries listed within the Governments Quarantine list, they must self-isolate for 14 days upon their return, before returning to work.
  • Staff Sickness – If a staff member shows any symptoms of Covid-19 while in the work place, they will be Isolated from everyone else and asked to leave immediately. If displaying symptoms at home they will not be permitted into pre-school until after the 10 day quarantine period. Unless a test is negative. They will need to contact 111 and seek advice and a test to confirm. Same rules apply if they have been contacted through the Track and Trace System. If a test is refused by any staff member they must take a 10 day unpaid leave of absence before they may return to work. If someone within their household displays symptoms they must self- isolate for 14 days.
  • Outside agencies – we will be limiting agencies involved with any children entering the building at this time. If possible meetings that need to take place will do so via video links. If this is not possible social distancing will be adhered to, masks worn and hand washing on arrival. We will also take full contact details for track and trace purpose. 

Points in this policy will be revised according to Government legislation and laws. We have put this policy in place to protect all that enter our building during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please work with us during these uncertain times. We will ensure to make the pre-school a happy and thriving learning environment where the children feel safe.

“We would like to ensure all parents old and new that Teagues Bridge Pre-school are doing our upmost to provide a safe and secure environment for our children’s return during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty during these difficult times but we want you to be reassured that we will be working very hard to create an environment where your children feel safe and secure with opportunities to thrive within their learning and development. We are aware that due to the circumstances our children may find it difficult to settle at the beginning, we will work closely with you to nurture the children into their new surroundings as best we can. Please see the Child and staff Policy for information on how we are making Pre-school safe.

We thank you all for your continuous support. Kind Regards Teagues Bridge Pre-school Team and Committee”